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Renowned Fine Art Photographer Alan S. Maltz is a true romantic. His passion for capturing the beauty of life shines through in his amazing works of art. Alan receives his inspiration from nature and abstractions influenced by the ethereal quality of light. His ability to visually interpret these fleeting moments creates works that are both immediate and eternal, abstract and impressionistic. Maltz is a self-taught artist who "follows the light."

In this eBook you will get a glimpse into the amazing stories of how Alan S. Maltz has "followed his inner voice," the journeys that led him to the end result of each dramatic experience, and the passion that came through in every piece of his art. These narratives illustrate the circumstances and inspirations that compelled Maltz to attain beautiful "slices of nature," wildlife, or simply the charms of daily life. Here are the stories behind the images, as told by Alan S. Maltz himself.

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